Welcome to Agro Economic and Research Centre

The Government of India has established Agro Economic Research Centres throughout the country with a view to provide them with a constant flow of data on various aspects of Agriculture and Rural life. At the outset, four Centres were started each in New Delhi, Santhiniketan, Poona and Chennai. At present there are 15 Centres in the Country.

A.E.R.C. at Chennai was started on 15th April 1954 for the purpose of carrying out a comprehensive and a continuous study of agricultural economic problems in the States of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Later Karnataka State was attached to a Centre at Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh to a sister centre located at Andhra University, Waltair. Currently, the Chennai Centre covers the States of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep.

The Centre has completed 62 Village surveys, 10 resurveys and 155 problem oriented research studies since its inception. The lists of studies completed and the ongoing studies are enclosed.
(a) Continuous study on changes in the rural economy.
(b) Evaluation of the Centrally Sponsored Agricultural Development Schemes implemented in the jurisdiction States.
(c) Farm Management Studies in Salem and Coimbatore Districts during 1954-1955 to 1956-1957 and in Thanjavur District during 1967-1968 to 1969-1970.
Using the data thrown up by the surveys of the Centre and also Secondary data, numerous Research papers were prepared on Topics of current interest by the staff members of the Centre. Research Scholars and Planners from different facilities utilize the data collected by the Centre for Academic interest and policy implementation.
Works Completed:
The Centre has completed 62 Village surveys, 10 resurveys and 156 problem oriented research studies.
The Library / Collection:
The Centre has a Library of its own which is used not only by the members of the staff but also by the staff and Research Scholars of other departments of the University. About 7500 volumes of books, reports and journals are available for reference